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What is Project Kaizen

Project Kaizen is a self-improvement/entrepreneurship challenge to help you level yourself up as a young ambitious individual with the goal of starting your entrepreneurial journey, growing a personal brand, building a network of likeminded people around you, developing your mind and your body & excelling in whatever avenue you choose.

100 Days, 6 rules, a challenge that you can stick to, and a lifestyle you can develop…

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The Project Kaizen Journal

The Project Kaizen Journal is a daily planner consisting of 100 days created for those that want to improve their life.

It uses the 6 rules from the Project Kaizen challenge to help guide you through becoming 1% better every day.

The Project Kaizen Journal

6 daily rules
to change your life in 100 days

  • Do something to improve the mind

  • Do something to improve the body

  • Produce something

  • Make yourself uncomfortable

  • Eat a clean diet

  • Make one new connection a week

Project Kaizen
Project Kaizen
Project Kaizen

This is a challenge built of the habits from ultra successful individuals, not just a trend that someone wanted to  start but a lifestyle that you can develop off the back of it.

How to execute project kaizen

Do something to improve the body

This is a no-brainer: your health, wealth, and happiness All starts with your physical health, because if that fails, nothing else matters, and of course, the discipline you get from doing something to improve your physical self every single day creates the foundation for being disciplined in other areas of life.

And with this, it doesn’t have to be a hard-core workout every single day. It just has to be something that keeps you moving. Keeps your heart rate up, so whether you do a 20-minute bodyweight exercise or an hour-long boxing session, As long as you know you’ve done something to improve your physical self, that’s all that matters.

Do something to improve the mind

The second one is doing something every single day for your mind. Not necessarily learning something every single day, but just doing something to level your brain up. This can be in the case of reading, watching some kind of educational YouTube video, listening to a podcast, or watching a documentary. The whole idea is to do something educational that will help you learn something that you didn’t know before. This could be along the lines of meditation. While you’re in with your thoughts, you can pick and choose what works for you personally.

Produce something

There are two types of people in this world: you have your consumers and you have your producers, and believe it or not, it’s the producers that make all the money. The producers of music, films, content, tweets, products, services, and consumers are, well, you. The person that watches this content, buys these products and services, and so makes it a daily habit to produce something, It’s going to help you flip that on its head. It’s going to help you start to understand the fundamentals of putting value out into the world, whether producing something every single day means you post a tweet or it means you’re working on your own clothing brand. It’s just doing something that either means you produce something or you’re working towards producing something, and doing this daily over the period of 100 days will make a profound impact.

Make yourself uncomfortable

Do something every single day that makes you uncomfortable, this is as important as the last because you need to constantly put yourself outside your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean get naked on a bus; It just means do something small that makes you mentally challenged because of modern culture, we have everything in front of us—access to a computer in our pockets, food on the table—and there’s nothing that makes us uncomfortable. Consistent growth comes from being uncomfortable and doing something to make you have to really negotiate with your body. the idea is to be in control of your mind and body so start with a cold shower every single day. Start by posting a video that you don’t want to post and that makes you uncomfortable but leads to growth.

Eat a clean diet

This one goes hand-in-hand with the idea of doing something physical every single day, the food you eat is what fuels your body, and if you want your body to work at its maximum potential, you have to put in the right fuel. Just as you wouldn’t put bad petrol into your car, you shouldn’t be putting bad food into your body, and it doesn’t mean you have to go on some keto diet. It just means that you have to be conscious of what you eat and stick to a reasonably clean diet, which can be easier said than done, but it’s all about making a conscious effort when you’re about to pick up that unhealthy snack. Just think to yourself what the better alternative is, and that will put you on the right path.

Make one new connection a week

The reason for doing this is because your network is your net worth, and over the period of 100 days you have 14 weeks, which means 14 new connections to make. The idea here is that you make connections with like-minded people that are on a similar path to you, and this connection is just introducing yourself and understanding how you can help each other. The best way to find these connections is typically pretty simple: where do you hang out? Other like-minded people will too. What videos are you watching? Typically, other like-minded people watch those videos so look at the comments and talk to them, make connections jump on calls and see how you can help each other out.

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The Project Kaizen community is in the works. The team is working hard to create a space like no other, an exclusive space with likeminded people, top tier education, frequent special guests, live events and everything you could ask for as a young ambitious mind.

How to document your journey

Project Kaizen works best when you document it, this way you can hold yourself accountable, start to build your personal brand, start to build out a community, work towards growing your income and keeping a diary of your journey at the same time.

It’s up to you how you go about doing this but in a day and age of video media, documenting your journey on Youtube, Tiktok, IG will yield you the best results by far.

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  • Tag @thekaizen_co to be featured