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Learn how average people are getting into the best shape of their lives, turning their skills into money, and fortifying their minds, all in one place...

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What is Kaizen Connected?

Imagine a hub built and designed for young, ambitious minds.

A hub that was split up into 3 different branches: wealth, health, & mindset.

Each branch within this hub is run by a professional at the top of their game – a wealth coach, a health coach, and a mindset coach – that you know and love.

Imagine that within each of these hubs, these professionals hosted their own courses & communities.

Imagine a spider web of communities within this hub – communities about ambitions, goals, connecting, skills, personal growth, working out, and levelling up in every area.

Imagine countless different resources, live coaching, and Q&As with special guests who make millions a year, all for the price of, well, practically nothing.

One hub, one community to get in the best shape of your life, develop a bulletproof mindset, and turn your skills into profit.

You don’t have to imagine, It’s here.

What will you learn?



The health coach within Kaizen Connected is Will Scott, a 23-year-old hybrid athlete who had a fitness transformation that you would claim to be out of a movie.

Will isn’t your typical meathead gym influencer but instead, a versatile hybrid athlete who prioritises physical and mental health and well-being above all and has documented his self-growth across his social media accounts since day 1.

He now teaches others how to do the same, how to live the life they want while getting into the best shape of their lives.

Will - Kaizen Connected


The wealth coach within Kaizen Connected is Callum Carver, a 20-year-old modern-day entrepreneur who has started and failed multiple businesses but succeeded in a few that made him over $320,000 by the time he turned 20.

Callum has documented his entire entrepreneurial journey on his social media, from the time he picked up his first book to scaling his income past $30,000 in a single month by taking his basic set of skills and selling them to the right people in the right way.

He now teaches others how to do the same, not by following a business model but instead by turning yourself into a business.

Callum - Kaizen Connected


The mindset coach is Lourenço Pacheco, otherwise known as @codewithlou on social media.

He’s a mindset coach who has been through trials and tribulations within his own life but has continuously come out on top, and now he helps others do the same through his content around mindset shifts, motivation, discipline, and how to become the best version of yourself whilst developing a bulletproof mindset in the process.

Lou - Kaizen Connected

What will you get access to?

3 for the price of 1

Within Kaizen Connected are three A-Z courses, the trifecta of becoming your best self.

Kaizen Connected

Private network and community

Our teaching philosophy:

Kaizen Connected is for anyone and everyone. You don’t need to have a specific skill set, be from a particular background, or have certain beliefs; you just need to have a relentless hunger to become the best possible version of yourself and level up every attribute you have.

Kaizen Connected is built and designed to encompass everyone; each branch starts from ground zero. What is fitness? What is money? What is a mindset? And it works its way up to more detailed and intricate topics that require more attention and understanding.

We believe that everything is a skill.

Making money is a skill, just like working out and developing a growth mindset. The good news is that these are skills that can be learned by anyone; all you need is the right teacher.